Wide my world, Narrow my bed

I say "never" a lot.

I said I’d never work for the government again (so far so good).

I also said I’d never eat a dead animal again (…that didn't work out).

I say never because I am a person of extremes. Prone to draw lines in the sand and then complain when I have end up having to cross back over.

So when I say I never thought I’d be with someone who always understands what I’m trying to say, it’s because I

Never thought I’d be with someone who helps me figure just HOW to say it

I said I never thought I’d find the person who challenges me to grow and learn because I

Never thought that when I tried and put it all in practice (and end up with a whole American Embassy coming after me or multiple verified Twitter accounts calling me names) that I’d be with a person who's gonna stick beside me (*insert TikTok audio Steve Wilkos interview*)

I never thought I’d laugh this hard, learn this much, and smile this wide…much less that those feelings would last long after she was gone.

So, mostly this is my trying to say I never thought I’d find someone like her, and I DEFINITELY never thought someone like that would come from so far back in my past.

So as I make this "Never Will I Marry" playlist, one of the few songs I can say I showed HER (because it’s almost always the other way around) that was part of our joint Florida history research (because I never thought I’d find someone who would jump in a car with me and come learn whatever new thing I’ve decided I’m obsessed with), I just wanna say that I don’t know what this scary world holds for us, because I never thought anyone would stick around this long.

But I say "never" a lot ❤


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Bryan Rincón

« Le problème ce n'est pas la chute, c'est l'atterrissage. »